Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long weekend...

Sooooo the long weekend is over...and today I woke up and my house is cold. I was so stoked to have great weather in sept. I'm not at much, I have some time to chill, do some of the things I wanted to do all summer and now its gross out. Anyway how was everyones long weekend? I did exactly what I said I'd do, I watched alot of LOST box sets and relaxed and slept in a bunch. But I also got in on some BBQ and bon fire action. Good times spent with good people! I have been working on a new vid for youtube but my computer I have here is getting kinda old so I want to upgrade so it will be faster to render files and quicker editing. Hopefully I'll have a new vid of Thailand soon. I am hoping to go and work on my Electric car I'm building so maybe I'll make an update video for you. I was up early today, had to go meet a buddy, then I went back to bed. But when I was out driving in the nasty rain and wind I saw peeps heading to school. I HATED it...I'm not in school and I actually didn't mind school for some aspects, but every year doesn't matter if I'm no longer in school, this whole time of year freaks me right out. Back to school sales, school supplies, all that junk, freaks me out. I hated the feeling of back to have your teachers telling you "oh this year is going to be tough if you don't pay attention and work extra hard" and you get homework on your first day. Sometimes I would try and start school with the attitude that I was going to stay on top of homework and be organized and work real hard....and it always ended up with me working real hard but being completely overwhelmed...hahaha so I guess my advice is work hard so you never have to go back! haha I'm done ranting, talk soon!


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