Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drift Mania Canadian Championships

If you have never been to a drift competition, I suggest you go and check one out! This past weekend I went to Bowmanville, up to Mosport Speedway and checked out DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championships). It was unreal!! they had a show and shine for people to come and show off their rides...some pretty sick cars...and of course they had the drift competition. Cars racing down a track doing 90mph while sliding sidways...oh and they do it two cars at a time sometimes just inches away from each other!! I was there with BF Goodrich, who by the way had the most smoke off their tires which looked amazing, and their cars and did great! they placed 3rd at this competition! I was with BF G all day and carried around a camera to grab some intervies and stuff...I will post links and websites you can check it all out on when its all up! But Being at the race on the weekend made me want to get back in the shop and work on my car...so I have a quick video from the races this weekend that my friend took, not the best quality but you see soem cars going sidways on corners and a few burnouts. Plus I have a quick update on my electric car!


Ok so the videos I accedently removed from youtube while I was trying to mess with a few things. So I will try and get those back on if i still have the videos on my computer. But here is the link to the BF Goodrich page!


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