Friday, September 3, 2010

Time to relax

Hello I can't believe my time at much is over. Today was my last time going to work. Yesterday I taped my last shift which aired today at noon. Thank you to everyone that came down and said hi, and thank you to everyone that watched. It's been a busy week getting all my things together and going through interviews and shows that I wanted recordings of. But some peeps online have been asking if I still plan on tweeting and making videos and all that. The answer is yes I'll still be around. I have some things on the go that I hope work out and hope to tell you about soon. But until then I do plan on relaxing and taking some time to do the things I have always complained about not havning enough time to do. It has been a crazy week saying bye to friends and co-workers even though I plan on seeing them again. And I will see you all again soon too! talk to you later!


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