Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My thoughts

Sometimes I have something I am trying to figure out or work out in my life. And I know there are other people doing the same. So sometimes I like to share my thoughts, hoping it will help others, and also it helps me by writing things down and I can try and take my own advice…here is what I’m thinking …

Life is complicated. I don’t think I will ever understand it. But I think I know what I want in life. What I want to do, where I want to go, and who I want to be. But its not that simple. Life throws curve balls, catches you off guard, and sometimes hits you hard enough that you’re choking just to breath. Just when you think you have hit the bottom, the floor drops out from beneath you plummet further. But there is a bottom, it just might be deeper then you thought. And then you have two choices…lay there…or get up and start climbing. Some people are scared to take chances and really live. And I get that, I do! Life is scary and it hurts. But it can also be exciting, happy, and full of adventure! It can be the best and it can be the worst, but if you are scared of feeling the worst parts, then you will never feel the best parts. I made this analogy when speaking with a friend the other day. Think about bungee jumping. Standing on a bridge over water…its frightening, and exciting at the same time. You could jump and experience one of the most amazing things in your life, or the cord could break and you could get hurt landing in the water. Some will never jump and never really know the feeling of either. And some will jump and get hurt on the first try. But some will jump and never get hurt…For most, its both…after a few jumps it breaks. And so some will stop jumping…But I know how great it felt those times before it broke. And I want that again, so I keep jumping and will continue to jump. I guess we all just need to think about when and where to take that leap, to step off that bridge, letting the air wrap around you surrounding every part of your body…disconnect yourself from the earth and its comfort of  security and hope that the cord catches you. Just always remember that if it does break…you won’t be alone, you are not the only one who’s cord broke. You climb back up until you are on the bridge again. And then you have to decide if you jump again or not. Dream big and leap with everything you’ve got, when you feel its your time to jump.

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  1. gonna start off by saying its not fair to be so good looking and this deep. save some for the rest of us ;)
    But your right about life not being what you expected or going how you like.
    i've only recently "started living" as I like to say it, my entire life i've always needed to know what was ahead of me or I never did anything.
    It's always best to calculate the risk of things, but not to over analyze things to the point that nothing you do is fun or exciting.

    I myself have been beaten down alot, I have a mother and a Grandmother I care for, I love then and would not leave, but i'd love nothing more then to be free to do my own thing.

    I have family that does not treat me like family, frown at almost the very site of me, use me for things then dont even bother to say "thank you"

    Mister Deegan, you have a good head on your shoulders and a giant heart, I see why people flock to you.

    I dont know what stage in your life your at, but I say if you want something, calculate the risk, and jump, either way, you've got some amazing people to help you up should you fall

    Chris Chavers (skynoobvideos)