Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mexico for work?

Yep I got to go to Mexico for work! I was down there filming for my TV show Rugged. This episode was on Baja 1000, which is a pretty intense off-road race that is 1000 miles long. I packed thinking it was going to be beautiful weather, board shorts, t shirts….and it was cold haha. It wasn’t super cold or anything but it wasn’t as hot as you would think. Didn’t get to go swimming. But it was still really nice being there. I wish that Zar could have come but when I’m working I don’t have much spare time. And I thought I’d mention when we were at one of the spots on the track to film the trucks passing, we were basically on a farmers land…he pulled up to watch and when he got out of his car his dog came out of nowhere, didn’t come with him, must have been handing in the shed he had by the road, and he then gave the dog a dead rabbit, and the dog walks over like its nothing, takes it and proceeds to go find a comfy spot to eat it!!!!! I know there are tones of dogs that eat little critters but this was just odd witnessing the situation. Oh and speaking of dogs!!! When you cross back over the border from Tijuana to San Diego, the line takes hours! Backed up super far. So the locals come and walk through the cars selling stuff. Blankets, hats, odd souvenirs , food, all kinds of stuff! The one guy walks up to the window of our van and is selling a puppy chiwawa!!!! Not only is he selling it but he is selling it for 5 bucks!!!! So I wanted to buy it so Dawson would have a little brother, but might have been hard to get a puppy over the boarder and on a plane without shots and papers. Yes…even puppies have to have papers and go through customs… anyway here is a quick little video I took while down there! Talk to you later!


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