Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home sweet home!

Hey!! So life has been crazy busy with work and everything else life brings along. The work trip was great, super busy and long days of shooting, but was great. We went to Vancouver, then up to Squamish, then to Whistler, then to Princeton, then to Edmonton, back to Vancouver, and then went to Tofino to finish things off. It was a lot of traveling but we got some great stuff. I'm really excited for the new show to start airing. It’s going to look amazing with all the shooting we are doing. I have a few videos that I made while on the road so I will post them bellow. Also after I finished with the super long work trip, Zar and I went down to LA for Vidcon. If you don't know what Vidcon is, it’s a huge party/convention for YouTube and people involved. We had a ton of fun and met a bunch of cool people. Haha the YouTube community is cool online AND in person!! We took some video from that and I will 
try to post it once I go through it! But for now here are the vids from my work trip!


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