Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back From Arizona!!

Hey! I'm back from my trip. It was a really busy weekend. I was there for work shooting another episode for the new show. It was just out side Arizona and we were in the desert for some Off Road Racing. It was really cool to see in person, way better then on tv. Again I took some pictures and some video... I will edit together the video into a vlog but for now here are just a few pics!
The picture above is trailer city...sooo many trailers and rigs and temporary shops for all the trucks

This one is of me in a Baja Racer (not the type of trucks that were racing at the competition)

And me with a cactus!!! first ever real live, wild, naturally grown on its own in the desert, cactus I had ever seen!

I will have the video up soon I hope!


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