Saturday, December 11, 2010

Highschool, Vacations, and Dance moves!

SOOOOOORRRRRYYY!!!! for being a bit of a slacker. I have been super busy but at least I haven't slacked off with making videos! I have 3 new videos for you. If you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to me on youtube then you may have already seen these vids but feel free to watch them agian its free haha. So check this out...the first vid is a true story of what happened to us on vacation one time down in The Dominican Republic. the second vid is me heading downtown to hit a few meetings and I had lunch with Trevor Boris before heading to my old highschool to chat about me hosting the asembly on Dec 17th...the last vid was at Zar's Grandma's place for another Christmas party(I told you I was going to lots of Christmas parties) enjoy! ...i hope


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