Thursday, June 19, 2014

World Martini Day

Thats right you read that correctly! Its world Martini Day today! And to help celebrate Belvedere Vodka has put together one amazing kit! Modeled after the most classy, most whitty, most daring, most smooth, and most tough man...James Bond.
Yes mister 007 himself. And then there is me. I have tried a friends martini once and it was apple flavored. I have never had a real martini. I love James Bond, and I have the occasional drink with friends, but never has that drink been a martini. Belvedere hooked me up with one of their kits so I could unleash my inner Bond with Belvedere. This was going to be an interesting task seeing as how I had no idea how to make a martini. Lucky for me there were recipes. I decided to use the booklet provided with the kit to craft a martini that I would like. I wanted to go with shaken not stirred, like Bond, but also I figured it would mix better. I couldn't be biased so I also tried stirred. I tried both Wet and Dry to see what I would like. It was fun to create a different martini from the last just with changing how much of each ingredient you add. I didn't do this alone, I shared these drinks but we all got to sample each. In the end I know my perfect martini. If I were to walk up to a bar in a tuxedo after playing poker with some of the worlds most dangerous criminals, I would say "could I have a martini, shaken not stirred, wet, with an olive please, ahh make it two olives". Big thanks to Belvedere Vodka, and Happy World Martini Day everyone!


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