Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OK....Sorry for the delay on the post and video. I'm trying to update and post a new video every few days, but I had some problems with the editing program I was using but finally figured it out! Now I had asked for you to ask questions to me on twitter and I would give you advice...well the first time I did this on twitter I sat there and responded to all the tweets and I thought it went alright. Well Zar and I thought this time we would make a video of us doing the advice together. First of all, you get like 4 questions and then your at your time limit for youtube. and B) we did this video at like 3 am and were way too tired to be on camera and way to giddy to speak clearly and not laugh. This is probably the worst advice, but I hope you enjoy!

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  1. So Funny, you should do these more often... BTW you look drunk AND tired. I like it!